KODENSHI of the 2010s



  • Exhibited at Lighting Japan
  • New headquarters building constructed in March
  • Integration of three Korea related companies in July
  • Release of LED illumination
  • Release of high-output infrared LED with lens
  • Release of multi-voltage compatible print timing sensor
  • Release of encoder with cup disk for DC motor
  • Release of edge sensor
  • Release of white LED for illumination and backlight
  • Release of full color LED
  • Development of micro vacuum gauge


  • Encoder with Cup Disk for DC Motors rewarded at Ceatec Award
  • Release of LED block
  • Development of infrared range finding sensor (middle-distance digital)


  • Tokyo branch relocated in September
  • Release of lever-type displacement sensor
  • Development of infrared range finding sensor (long-distance analog)


  • Tokyo branch business transfered in July
  • Reconstruction of China-Japan-Korea trinity system
  • Development of two-wavelength LED for blood oximeter
  • Development of parallel light LED for FA encoder
  • Development of UV high-sensitive photo diode
  • Development of photo IC for photoelectric switch
  • Development of photo IC for blood oximeter
  • Development of multi-voltage compatible manuscript size sensor
  • Development of light-emitting/receiving element and connector integrated type interrupter
  • Development of thermopile type infrared sensor


  • Exhibited at Ceatec 2014 in October
  • Development of FA light-emitting/receiving integrated type encoder (KEF302500CA)
  • Development of Z-phase encoder (KE2N24-Z30)
  • Development of long-distance detection, disturbance light resistant PICS (PS135)
  • Development of connector integrated type interrupter (LG2A24), transport sensor (G/ST354)
  • Development of light source LED (LW 806 series) for growing plants
  • Development of RGB full color LED (Side-View type)
  • Development of white LED (0.2W, 0.5W, 1W) LW series
  • Development of SMD reflective interrupter (SG130)
  • Development of infrared pin-point light source LED (CM-C1802E) for industrial machine
  • Development of Light-receiving IC(KBP1199) for small-type interrupter
  • Development of linear array sensor IC (PICA3431)
  • Development of inverter tolerant photo IC
  • Release of RGB color sensor (HPM 349)
  • Release of remote control modules (PIC-A18 series) for ESD resistance
  • Release of wide directional LED (EL611)
  • Release of LED print heads for full color


  • KRP office established in November
  • Release of encoder module (KEM101)
  • Release of small-type short-distance infrared range finding sensor (ORA2S01)


  • KODENSHI TK Atsugi Sales Office opened in January
  • Nagoya sales office opened in April


  • KODENSHI GROUP HEAD OFFICE established in August


  • Chairman NAKAJIMA was awarded the “The industrial Achievers of Kyoto government in First Year of the Reiwa Era” in November.