KODENSHI of the 1970s



  • Founded on 1st May
  • Development of BCI3 silicon wafer process for battery
  • Release of silicon photovoltaic cells
  • Release of planar type photocell
  • Release of a three-hole tape reader, IBM card, UNIVAC card, and a light receiving element for mark
  • Planar type photovoltaic cells are used for smoke detectors of fire alarm


  • Established as a shareholder company organization on 15th June
  • Incorporated as KODENSHI CORP.
  • With 3 million capital
  • President and Representative Director: NAKAJIMA KAZUHIRO
  • Release of high-performance photodiode


  • Capital increased to 6 million yen in May
  • Release of industrial silicon photoelectric conversion devices (solar cells)


  • Tokyo branch opened in September
  • Release of a three-hole tape photoelectric read head


  • Korea office opened in October
  • Development of visible light-emitting diodes (lamps, numeric display elements)


  • Capital increase to 12 million yen in April
  • Release of remote control light-receiving element for TV
  • Release of 2-chip phototransistor, Photo Darlington


  • Capital increase to 24 million yen in April
  • Monthly production of solar cell for watch is 400,000pcs
  • The first exhibition as an optical semiconductor specialty at the Japan Electronics Show
  • 1000 pre-sold watches with solar power


  • Release of solar cell for power
  • Release of solar cell for calculator
  • Silicon wafer process line installed in headquarters factory
  • Development of BBr3 diffusion process
  • Release of blue cell
  • Development of vertical wafer type phototransistor
  • Release of single-chip phototransistor
  • Development of GaAs infrared light-emitting diode