KODENSHI of the 1990s



  • Release of photo interrupter with actuator
  • Development of tilt sensor
  • Information communication equipment business started
  • Manufacturing of OEM laptop workstation
  • Establishment of SAW filter metal working process
  • Started the in-house production of DC photo IC


  • 20th anniversary of the founding
  • Incorporated as KODENSHI SY CORP.
  • Started the production and release of information communication business FAX
  • Started the in-house production of modulation photo IC
  • Release of device for mouse of personal computer


  • Hong Kong office opened in May
  • Development of photo IC for game machine
  • Establishment of compound solid phase diffusion process
  • Started the development of information media IC (4MHz photo IC for CD pickup)


  • Logistics building established at headquarters in May
  • Release of single-mold infrared receiver module
  • Started the development of LED print head
  • Development of bistable light switch (for power supply voltage 3.5V)


  • Started the transfer of optical semiconductor wafer process to KODENSHI Korea
  • Development of 200dip LED print head
  • Release of small-type optical encoder


  • Singapore office opened in October


  • Development of system reset IC
  • Release of paper sensor
  • Establishment of 4-element (GaAlInP) planar process
  • Release of 7-dot yellow light-emitting diode
  • Development of 400dpi LED print head


  • Capital increased to 933.75 million yen in March
  • Development of 600dpi LED print head
  • Development of photo diode with laser mount stand
  • Development of IC for 3ch encoder
  • Development of IC for photoelectric switch
  • Development of SMD type system reset IC


  • U.S office established
  • Release of information media IC (Photo IC for CD pickup)
  • Development of mirror built-in 3D working process
  • Development of light-emitting IC for optical communication
  • Development of AlGaInP 4-element red pin-point light-emitting diode
  • Development of 1200dip LED print head