KODENSHI of the 1980s



  • Acquired third plant land (1,868m2) in March
  • Incorporated as Korea KODENSHI Co., Ltd.
  • Relase of silicon single crystal solar cell wafer with electro less nickel plated electrode formation


  • Release of silicon single crystal solar cell for calculators produced by solar cell silk screen method
  • Development of diffusion wafer type phototransistor
  • Production of photodiodes for remote control


  • The building of third factory completed in November
  • Capital increased to 72 million yen in December
  • Transferred solar cell wafer process to Korea KODENSHI Corporation (KKC)
  • Development of optical encoder
  • Development of 0.55 mm thick solar cell module


  • In-house production of transfer mold (resin molding) products
  • Development of hybrid IC
  • Development of planar type photo Darlington transistor device
  • Development of diffusion wafer type phototransistor
  • Development of BN diffusion process


  • Capital increased to 138 million yen in April
  • Capital increased to 156 million yen in August
  • Capital increased to 569 million yen in October
  • 4 inch silicon wafer process, compound wafer process line installed in the third factory
  • Release of gallium・aluminum・arsenic (GaAlAs) infrared light-emitting diode
  • Release of high-speed・high-power light-emitting diode for optical communication
  • Started OEM production of bipolar ICs
  • Started OEM production of solar cell battery charger


  • Capital increased to 870 million yen in January
  • Development of optical remote control receiver unit (shield remote control)
  • Development of photo IC sensor
  • Development of 16-split photo diode for CD
  • Introduced CVD equipment to anti-reflection film process by SiN film


  • Release of photo IC sensor (PICS)
  • Development of encoder for HDD


  • Release of paper sensor
  • Establishment implant-less high resistance process
  • Development of position sensor


  • Development of negative resistance transistor BAMBIT


  • Capital increased to 888.75 million yen in April
  • Release of parallel-light LED
  • Development of thermal print head
  • Development of logic phototransistor
  • Establishment of photo IC process