The broadening possibilities of light are the future for KODENSHI.
The 21st Century is upon us and we are experiencing an ever more rapid rate of change. We are now in a multimedia society where reciprocal communication and information sharing through computers, audio-visual devices has become a reality.
We use sensing technology to approach people’s lives and lead future technologies.
As it searches for sensing technology, KODENSHI will continue to push the boundaries of the future.


Company name KODENSHI CORP.
Founded May, 1972
Chairman Hirokazu Nakajima
Capital 934 million
Employees 235 persons (at March,2019)
Business overview Manufacturer and sales of optical semiconductor devices



161, Jyuichi, Makishima-cho, Uji, Kyoto, 611-0041, Japan
Rep TEL:+81-(0)774-23-7111
Sales Group(West) TEL:+81-(0)774-20-3559