A photointerrupter is an optical sensor that consists of a light-emitting part and a light-receiving part, which measure changes in light intensity caused by the interruption or reflection of light paths by an object. It can detect the presence, position, and movement of an object. Based on its optical configuration, it can be classified into ①transmissive-type photointerrupter and ②reflective-type photointerrupter. In the transmissive-type, the light-emitting part and the light-receiving part face each other, and detection is performed by blocking the light path with an object. In the reflective-type, detection is performed by receiving the changes in reflected light intensity when an object is present. There are various types, such as ③separated photointerrupter with separated light-emitting and light-receiving parts and ④actuator-type photointerrupter, which detects by blocking the light path between the light-emitting and light-receiving parts with a built-in lever. 

●Separated Type Photo Interrupter
We offer separated type photo interrupters that incorporate an emitting diode and a receiving element into plastic packages with connectors. By using an emitting diode and a receiving element in pairs, it becomes easy to implement a through-beam type photosensor. We provide analog and digital output types and can flexibly respond to customer requests, including creating prototype products and customizing the installation of photo interrupters on boards or attaching lead wires and connectors.

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Forward Current IF

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Collector-emitter Voltage Vceo

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Forward Voltage

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Current Transfer Ratio CTR(Typ.)

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Part No. DATA SHEET Feature Production Status
〇: In mass production
△: Need inquiry
Operating Temperature Forward Current Collector-emitter Voltage Forward Voltage Current Transfer Ratio Half Angle Outer Size
Topr. IF Vceo VF CTR Δθ L*W*H
Representative characteristic
Min.-Max. Typ. Typ. Min.

- product_featureLight-receiving part ST310(Phototransistor type)DI310L・DI310D(Photo IC type) production_status topr_min-20 ~ +topr_max75 ℃ forward_current60 mA collector_emitter_voltage- forward_voltage_vf1.2 V conversion_efficiency_ctr7 % half_value_angle_max5 ° outer_shape_l17.4 * outer_shape_w9.6 * outer_shape_h7.2 mm

- product_featureLight-emitting part G310 production_status topr_min-20 ~ +topr_max75 ℃ forward_current- collector_emitter_voltage30 V forward_voltage_vf- conversion_efficiency_ctr7 % half_value_angle_max5 ° outer_shape_l17.4 * outer_shape_w9.6 * outer_shape_h7.2 mm