ENCODER CUP DISKLead freeRoHS Standard

● Encoder CUP disk for DC motors
The Encoder CUP disk is a cup-shaped disk suitable for assembly with DC motors. By using it in combination with the KE2△22 series of small encoders optimized for cup disks, it is possible to reduce the number of parts and assembly time compared to conventional PET disks, resulting in cost savings and space savings. Resolutions of 45LPI and 150LPI are available.

■ Features

No need for mounting hub (reduces number of parts)
Easy to mount due to integrated HUB and disk
Easy to mount without interference between disk and encoder
Not affected by end play of motor shaft
Combination with a small encoder optimized for cup disks enables downsizing of outer diameter
■ Applications

Replacement of various DC motors used in OA equipment
Replacement of other products equipped with stepping motors -> contributes to power savings, noise reduction, improved performance, and cost reduction
Low-cost, high-performance upgrade of commercially available servo motors 

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Resolution LPI


Inner Diameter Size φ

mm ~


Outer Size φ

mm ~



Part No. DATA SHEET Feature Production Status
〇: In mass production
△: Need inquiry
Resin Color Resolution Inner Diameter Size Outer Size
LPI φ φ

pdfはこちら product_featureSlit type production_status resin_colorBlack lpi45 inside_diameter4 mm outer_shape18.67 mm

pdfはこちら product_featurePrism type production_status resin_colorClear lpi150 inside_diameter2.21 mm outer_shape19.65 mm