The action method of gesture sensor under development is, take the image of hand shape and movement(gesture) by infrared camera, processed in module, then only the processing results will be output. Our gesture sensor has the following features.


PC unnecessary. Image processing is completed in the sensor.

A typical gesture detection device requires image processing by PC, and high specifications required for hardware, also the software for sensing development is required. Therefore, despite the needs of market, it is difficult to actually introduce.
Our sensor does not require hardware(PC) or software for gesture detection, it can be used simply by connecting the sensor to the device.

Realizes miniaturization by limiting the recognition target to the “human hand”.

Infrared light-emitting/receiving, gesture recognition processing, UART output processing are all organized even though our gesture sensor is small size(W42xH15xD8).

1:The sensor under development
2:Hand shape, number of fingers recognition
(The image by demo software)

Specification of gesture sensor

Characteristic Value of specification
Power 5V
Consumption power Max 400mW
External input/output UART TxD(5V)、RxD(5V)
Detection speed Max 30 fps
Detection area 18cm(L) and 24cm(W) at the distance of 20cm from sensor
Recognition target Number of fingers(0-5), up and down, left and right flick detection,
Fingertip position coordinates (X, Y, Z), etc.