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KODENSHI's international network aims

KODENSHI continuously pays high attention to relieve environmental load and protect global environment from our business operation, complying with the RoHS directive.
Currently KODENSHI guarantees that all items listed on the web site are fully RoHS compliant. In order to check the compliance level of items not listed on the web site, please contact us through online inquiry form or directly to our sales team.

KODENSHI's international network aims
Based on the directive adopted by the EU parliament and the Council, EU market bans the placing on the EU market of new electrical and electronic equipment containing following substances.

  1. Lead(Pb) :Less than 1,000ppm              
  2. Mercury (Hg):Less than 1,000ppm
  3. Cadmium(Cd) :Less than 1,000ppm
  4. Hexavalent chrome(Cr+6) :Less than 1,000ppm
  5. Polybrominated biphenyl(PBB) :Less than 1,000ppm
  6. Polybrominated diphenyl ether(PBDE) :Less than 1,000ppm

※  Items out of the RoHS Directive coverage have nothing to do with above regulation criteria.
※  RoHS compliance level of individual items may change without prior notice.

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