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ISO certification acquired


ISO14001 Target standards: ISO 14001: 2015
Certification number: 07921-B
Certification acquisition date: September 25, 2002
Expiration date: 2020/09/24
Certification body: Intertech Certification
Target business place:
head office
DH office
Device techno Center
3rd factory

Environmental Policy

Basic concept
We have attempted to contribute to the society as a conscious of our company since our company was founded. About works, which are needed for every company against environment these days, we establish and carry out an international cooperation with customers and other related companies globally as well as works to local environment.
Action policy
We're acting as follows mainly as a manufacturer of semiconductors and electron optics equipments.
  1. We keeping improving and a prevention against environmental contamination by environmental treatment systems based on ISO 14001.
  2. We follow the law concerned environmental prevention and the other rules we agree with.
  3. We aim at developing add employee's (or staff's) consciousnesses and skills of managing environmental prevention by educational training.
  4. We aim at sharing information related the environmental with anybody.
Environmental purpose
We establish following environmental purposes and goals, and keep acting for their improvements.
  1. To cut down the energy in our company.
  2. To promote recycling action and to control wastes dumping.
  3. To manage chemicals or something like that carefully, and manage them not to excrete them in the air or river.


ISO9001 Target standard: ISO 9001: 2015
Certification number: 07921-A
Certification acquisition date: 2003/3/20
Expiration date: 2020/10/30
Certification body: Intertech Certification
Target business place:
head office
DH office
Device Techno Center
3rd factory

Quality basic policy

Basic principle
We are committed to contributing to society based on the corporate motto that we have established since our foundation, establishing an international cooperation system through close collaboration with group companies, aiming for customer satisfaction through further improvement of quality assurance, as a global company Fulfill its social responsibility
Action policy
As a manufacturer of "semiconductors and electronically-applied devices", we operate with emphasis on the following items.
  1. We will establish a quality management system based on the international standard ISO 9001 standard and strive to ensure thorough quality control and continuous improvement.
  2. We will follow the on-site principles of the site where quality is built and try to respond promptly.
  3. We set quality purpose based on quality basic policy and review regularly.
  4. Improve the awareness and ability of all employees through education and training.
Quality purpose
Based on site-based principles, go to the site to check the reality, to make a deliberate investigation and treatment.
  1. Improved yield.
  2. Quality design of trust.
  3. Quick response to customer satisfaction.

Main Activity

Operation of Environmental Management System
We keep improvement of environment management system and follow demands by ISO specification through internal audit and surveillance.
(surveillance in fiscal year 2017 : Incompatible)
Reduction of environmental impacts of business activities
KODENSHI is fully aware of the impacts of R&D and production on the environment and is striving to reduce those impacts. For examples, we reduce off-sourcings, energy amount use, electric power consumption of product or chip production.
Conformity of green procuring activity
We are not only active for original green procuring activities but also identified as green partner so that we conform and cooperate with customers according to their green procurement policy.
Certified office
    ISO14001 certification
    ISO9001 certification
    ISO14001 certification
    ISO900 certification1
Overseas affiliated firm
    Obtain ISO14001 certification
    ISO9001 certification
    TS16949 certification
    ISO14001 certification
    ISO9001 certification
    TS16949 certification

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ISO Cetrification


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