Sensor/Opto component/module


Reflective type (Phototransistor output)

Kodenshi is proud of offering a large number of interrupter, both transmission type and reflective type. We can realize the various orders for customer's demand from hand-made prototyping, temporary molds, to mass production. We also mount the photointerrupter on PCB, and attach lead wire and connectors for post-processing. You do not need to hesitate consulting with us regarding with your needs.


Type No. Feature Detecting
Light current IcL(μA)
Min. VCE(V) IF(mA)
SG-105 pdf *Compact and Flat 0.8 90 5 10
SG-107 pdf *Compact and Flat 0.8 90 5 10
SG112 pdf Direct mount with boss 2 200 5 20
SG128 pdf Long range Red LED 6・ 80 5 10
SG128IR pdf Long range Ir LED 6・ 80 5 10
SG130 pdf Reflow Soldering Type 3 600 3.3 18
SG132 pdf Reflow Soldering Type 3 25 3.3 4

*LED and Ptr are arranged contrary between SG-105 and SG-107.

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