Opto semiconductor element



EmitterInfrared radiation is often used in applications involving sensing of electromagnetic radiation. GaAs(gallium arenide) is the material most often used in infrared sensors because of its high output, suitability for volume production and low cost. Customer can select the configuration that is easiest to use considering the light receiving sensitivity of the photo detector, and the transmissivity. We provide many variations.


DetectorKODENSHI provides many types of photo detectors to respond to the needs of a variety of systems.Photodiodes are used where linearity in light level detection is needed,PIN Photodaiodes where high speed response is needed as in optical communication and transmission,while high output Phototransistor and Photodarlington are best for switching applications,for example in interrupters and reflectors. Device element configuration is important too.KODENSHI provides a large lineup for a variety of detection applications.

Kodenshi with visual images



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