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These IrDAs are miniature packages of infrared transceiver(communication) modules for Ver. 1.4 (Low Power) which enable wireless data communication through the air between electric equipments such as mobile phones, PDAs,POS terminals.There is IrDA-SIR( IrDA Serial Infrared Physical Layer Link) type only.

  • Mobile Telecommunications, Data dommunications, Digital Imaging


Type No. Feature Trans-mission Distance
Supply Voltage
Application Size
IrDA-SIR 8pin Smart Beam SIR Transceiver
KOI-6004A pdf[74.6KB] Shield case 0∼100 2.7∼5.5 Cellular Phone 1.95x8x2.75
KOI-6001C pdf[101KB] Shield case 0∼60 2.7∼5.5 PDA 2.5x8x2.75
KOI-6001C(T) pdf[100KB]   0∼60 2.7∼5.5 PDA 2.3x7.6x2.55
IrDA-SIR 7pin Smart Beam SIR Transceiver
KOI-6002AL pdf[98.8KB] Super slim 0∼100 2.7∼5.5 Cellular Phone 1.6x7x2.7
KOI-6002A(E) pdf[115KB] Super slim 0∼60 2.4∼3.6 Cellular Phone 1.6x7x2.7
KOI-6002AS pdf[99.1KB] Shield case 0∼100 2.7∼5.5 Cellular Phone 1.8x7.4x2.9
IrDA-SIR 7pin SmartBeam SIR Transceiver + Remote Control
KOI-6102B pdf[103KB] RC function 0∼60 2.4∼3.6   1.8x7.4x2.9
KOI-6102BS pdf[103KB] Shield case 0∼60 2.4∼3.6   1.8x7.4x2.9
KOI-6713B pdf[101KB]   0~60 2.4~3.6 Cellular Phone 1.3x7x2.7

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