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PhotointerrupterKODENSHI boasts a complete lineup of Photointerrupter products.A wide variety of types are provided,including ordinary transmitting and redlecting types,and a separated type,in which the light emitting side is separated from the photo detector side,that can be used as a transmitting type. We can respond flexibly to custom requirements,from prototying to the assembly requirements such as mounting of the Photointerrupter on the PC board,and attachment of lead wires and connectors.

Transmission type (Phototransistor output)

Transmission type (Photo-IC output)

Reflective type (Phototransistor output)

Kodenshi is proud of offering a large number of interrupter, both transmission type and reflective type. We can realize the various orders for customer's demand from hand-made prototyping, temporary molds, to mass production. We also mount the photointerrupter on PCB, and attach lead wire and connectors for post-processing. You do not need to hesitate consulting with us regarding with your needs.

Actuator type

Actuator Photointerrupter(transmission) is combined infrared emitting diode with high output with phototransistor with high sensitivity. This photointerrupter is good for detectors of papers, such as copy machines and facsimiles.

Bistable Optical Switche type (Logic output)

Bistable optical switches carrying a unique hysteresis transistor (BAMBIT) developed by KODENSHI corp. facilitate digital output by means of two leads. These switches can be connected directly to I/O ports such as gate arrays or microcomputers, and can be used widely such as in detection of papers and marks for printers, and in detection of high-speed rotations. This switches can connect directly I/O ports such as gate arrays and microcomputers, and can have use a paper or a mark detection of a printer, and to detect a high-speed rotation.

Separated type

This type is convenient when it is desired to use a transmission type with the light emitting side and the detector side separated from one another. Our company uses a G- type on the light emitting side and ST- type on the detector side in the case of the DC light type, or, in case of the type that uses modulated light, PIE- on the light emitting side and PID- on the detector side. These sensors have relatively long detection distance and good directionality, and are easy to use. They are ideal for use in the automatic transport sections of, for example, automatic ticket handling machines in train station wickets and ATMs.

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