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DevCon Japan 2017

Kodenshi and Kodenshi TK participate in "DevCon Japan 2017" held on April 11.
DevCon Japan 2017 is the nation's largest private event which Renesas Electronics Corporation hosts.

Held brief description

A session: A Tuesday, April 11, 2017 from 10:00 to 18:30 (I accept it at 9:00 and am going to start) 
meeting place: The Prince Park Tower Tokyo B2F 
  Morning / basic tone lecture
  Afternoon / seminar, display, workshop 
entrance fee for free (prior registration system)

DevCon Japan 2017 WebSite

I offer our product to the demonstration machine that IoT SC exhibits.

■Monitor of Structure
Illuminance sensor module program unit PICMD01-1 is used.

■「Location Analyzer」
Infrared range-finding sensor ORA1L02 is used.

Kodenshi with visual images

Environmental Policy

RoHS directive compliance

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