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Release Color Senser Modue


CSB01-EP01A can be used as an evaluation board by a color sensor module which corresponds to I2C (inter-integrated circuit) interface.

Color sensor, HPM349 has the sensitivity in Red (λ p=620), Green (λ p=540) and Blue (λ p=460) each and  the module outputs each color data by 8 bit digital value .


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the news of this product has been published at the Nikkei BP on 7/7


The News of product has been published at the Nikkan kogyo newspaper on 7/13


■Type No.

ColorSenserModule /CSB01-EP01A


Possible to gauge color information as a reflective type by illumination LED.

I2C  Interface (each color 8 bit digital data)

With illumination white LED (64 stages of dimmer can be set through I2C  interface)

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