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Emitter and receiver integrated type incremental encoder

Kodenshi Corp. has recently developed and started selling emitter and receiver integrated type encoders (part number KEF251250CAKEF302500CA), which output UVW phases signals for motor drive, incremental signal AB phases and origin detection signal Z phase.


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KEF251250CA:Resolution 1250CPRInterpolation output 2500CPROptical center diameter φ25
 2500CPRInterpolation output 5000CPROptical center diameter φ30
Kodenshi developed 1 chip PDIC specialized for peripheral circuit necessary to encoders (interpolation and light compensation circuit
In addition, the parallel light LED that has been specially designed by the shape of the one-piece can reduce the number of parts and enables miniaturization. Just only assembled with code wheel to match motor shaft diameter and the number of poles, multiple models of the encoders and the encoder motor modules are achieved.


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the news of this product has been published at the Nikkan Kogyo newspaper , page 13 on 6/17.



High performance・・・Integrated peripheral circuit including interpolation  and light compensation in built-in IC

High reliability・・・Part structure assuming for long term usage

Low cost・・・Aggregated parallel light LED and peripheral parts in a sensor                 
Installation easiness・・・Easy installation since fixed position of LED and PIC and high S/N, big signal output

AC,DC blushless motor, servo motor, robot










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