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Thermopile Type Infrared Sensor

We developed single-pixel thermopile type infrared sensor (TPKA0101SA01) using MEMS technology cultivated by silicon solid processing.



What is thermopile sensor?

Thermopile sensor is a thermal infrared sensor, which thermopile element , made by MEMS technology, receives infrared rays emitted by an object and produces a thermoelectromotive force depending on amount of incident energy. Thermopile sensor enable you to measure absolute temperature of the surface of the object by non-contacting.


  • Infrared sensor applied light absorption properties of silicon without using special materials.
  • Realized high-precision temperature measuring due to EEPROM carried in each sensor that retrieves correction factor and calculates by dedicated conversion formula.


  • Non-touched temperature control of printer drums
  • Temperature sensing for home electric appliances

Sensor Output Characteristic

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Environmental Policy

RoHS directive compliance

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