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Linear Amplifier IC with Electromagnetic Shield Photo Detector

We developed a new PDIC(Photo Detector Integrated Circuit), which converts feeble light signals from DC to 100kHz into voltage. Due to simple structure composed of a detector and a I-V conversion amplifier, reduces the noise from the inner part of IC. An electromagnetic shield formed on the surface of a detector enhances resistance against the external electromagnetic noise. You can use it in a light signal input unit of various optical sensors.



  • Converts feeble light signals from DC to 100kHz into voltage.
  • Reduces intrusion to the surface of light receiving element  by electromagnetic noise from peripheral devices or human body dielectric noise, thanks to the electromagnetic shield. 
  • Usable for a long time under battery-driven condition, because of its low power supply voltage and low consumption current.
  • Capable of detecting feeble light signals by wide receiving surface (PD Size : 2mm × 2mm)
  • Integrated a linear amplifier circuit and photodiode on a single chip

  • SpO2 Monitor

Electrical Characteristics

Reference ― Comparison with Normal PD(Photo Detector)


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