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High Sensitive Si-Photodiode for UV detection

We developed a new Si-Photodiode (HPV-1KB), which has a much  improved sensitivity to blue and ultraviolet region, and has a suppressed sensitivity in the infrared region,compared with conventional products by our unique process technology.It uses a glass cap made from quartz which prevents imparing light sensitivity.You can use it in a light signal input unit of apparatus required high detection accuracy against the wavelength from a ultraviolet to visible region.

紫外高感度 Siフォトダイオード (s).jpgのサムネール画像



  • Possible to detect subtle UV signal accurately by its high light receiving sensitivity. 
  • Using a reliable can package.


  • Bill distinction sensor
  • Ultraviolet-rays actinometer
  • Spectroscopic analysis

Electrical characteristics


Spectral Sensitivity Characteristic


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