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Kodenshi's Cup Disk + Encoder for DC motors was named Semi-Grand Prix in the "Energy-saving, creating and storage category" at CEATEC AWARD 2011.

It has been noted for its energy saving feature when compared to a stepping motor and also for a viable option to replace DC motors.

 CEATEC AWARD 2011 授賞式

CEATEC AWARD 2011 article


Product information can be found here


 ●No mouting hub needed(reduction of component number)
 ●Easy assembly due to identical mold of HUB and Disk
 ●No interference between Disk and Encoder during assembly
 ●No influence by end pray of motor shaft
 ●Outer diameter reduction due to assembly with small encoder for the best fit with Cup Disk


 Together with DC motor, the following applications are available
 ●Replacement with current motor for OA equipment
 ●Replancement with other products equipped with stepping motor
  →High perfomance, electricity saving, low cost, low noise
 ●VA version of current servomotors
  →cost saving


Cup Disk

Resolution Method Resin color Inner diameter Outer diameter
45LPI Slit type Black φ2mm~ φ18mm~
150LPI Prism type Clear φ2mm~ φ18mm~


Part No  Resolution
Output Ch
Supply voltage
Response frequency
Max. IF(mA)
KE2K22-45 45LPI 9.2 2 2 2.7~5.5 60 20
KE2K22-15 150LPI 9.2 2 2 2.7~5.5 60 20

We are pleased to deal with custom order according to your current motor shaft diameter. We are also pleased to consider PCBA and motor assembly depending on terms and conditions.
The content on this sheet is subject to change without advance notice due to the technical development and progress etc. When using this product, please refer to the latest specifications.


We release the "LED BLOCK"


 We would like to announce a release of an unique product to our line-up.
LED BLOCK is a new type of blocks that consists of built-in, full colored LED that can display images, while the colors can be controlled individually with different gradation.   
 Just like LEGO blocks, different shapes can be easily assembled as one desires. 
The size of the display can be formed freely ranging from a small desktop accessory to a display in a show or event booth.      

 Please contact us for more detailed information. 




<Basic Module & Connection example>

basic_module.JPG   block.JPG   block2.JPG 


<Eexample for Application>

Tower-shaped object.JPG   heart.JPG
       Tower-shaped object                   Heart-shaped display

Flat_Panel.JPG   Folding_Screen-shaped.JPG 
            Flat Panel                     Folding Screen-shaped Panel


<Our Example>


Moving image:From the Second Annual LED/OLED Lighting Technology Expo



・ As one block of the LED BLOCK can be connected with the adjoining block at every 90 degrees in any direction, it is possible to freely make any solid shape as is the case with toy blocks.
・ While blocks of the LED BLOCK are being assembled, wiring can be implemented at the same time.
・ With special software, stereoscopically assembled LED BLOCK can be controlled individually, thereby making it possible to come up with a wide variety of emitting patterns or to project various images.
・ The LED BLOCK can be used in a wide variety of sizes and shapes thus can be applied to various purposes ranging
from large-scale events or concerts to medium- to small-size trade shows, and TVs.
・ As the block doubles as a structure, simple reinforcement is enough for installation.
・ As the LED BLOCK can be knocked down into a block unit, it is easy to transport, install and pull it out.
・ With the full-color control at 30fps, it is possible to replay video at high speed.
・ Blocks of the LED BLOCK that are knocked down are reusable again and again.
・ By purchasing additional blocks, the shape of the LED BLOCK can be altered or expanded easily.
・ It is possible to show both sides of a panel.


Inquiries concerning product


Dear, All
Thanks for your cooperation at all times.
Kodenshi participated in CEATEC2011 in Makuhari messe, Chiba on 4 October, 2011 and displayed products under development and new products.
We hope our products should be useful for your company's development.
We are located in 7F09, semiconductor area so kindly please visit our booth.
In case you have no chance to visit, see our website where we list display panels.

Kodenshi with visual images

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