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We release the "3D block cluster"

 We would like to announce a release of an unique product to our line-up.
3D block cluster (tentative) is a new type of blocks that consists of built-in, full colored LED that can display images, while the colors can be controlled individually with different gradation.   
 Just like LEGO blocks, different shapes can be easily assembled as one desires. 
The size of the display can be formed freely ranging from a small desktop accessory to a display in a show or event booth.      

 Please contact us for more detailed information. 


<Basic Module & Connection example>

Basic Module.jpg   Connection example.jpg    Desk Top Object.jpg


 <Eexample for Application>

Tower-shaped object.jpg  Heart-shaped display.jpg
      Tower-shaped object                Heart-shaped display 

Flat Panel.jpg   Folding Screen-shaped Panel.jpg 
          Flat Panel                   Folding Screen-shaped Panel 


<Our Example> 

the Second Annual LED/OLED Lighting Technology Expo.jpg

Moving image:From the Second Annual LED/OLED Lighting Technology Expo



• As one block of the 3D Block Cluster can be connected with the adjoining block at every 90 degrees in any direction, it is possible to freely make any solid shape as is the case with toy blocks.
• While blocks of the 3D Block Cluster are being assembled, wiring can be implemented at the same time.
• With special software, stereoscopically assembled 3D Block Clusters can be controlled individually, thereby making it possible to come up with a wide variety of emitting patterns or to project various images.
• The 3D Block Cluster can be used in a wide variety of sizes and shapes thus can be applied to various purposes ranging
from large-scale events or concerts to medium- to small-size trade shows, and TVs.
• As the block doubles as a structure, simple reinforcement is enough for installation.
• As the 3D Block Cluster can be knocked down into a block unit, it is easy to transport, install and pull it out.
• With the full-color control at 30fps, it is possible to replay video at high speed.
• Blocks of the 3D Block Cluster that are knocked down are reusable again and again.
• By purchasing additional blocks, the shape of the 3D Block Cluster can be altered or expanded easily.
• It is possible to show both sides of a panel.


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