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Merger announcement of affiliated companies in Korea

We wish to announce that our affiliated companies in Korea: Kodenshi Korea,
AUK Corporation and Knowledge*on Co, Ltd, has merged together and will start as one new company (AUK Corporation), effective from July 1st, 2010.
From this opportunity, we will further provide extended services to our customers and would like to ask for your continued support and cooperation.

1. Consolidation of following companies:
    ・Business description・・・Assembly of optical semi-conductors, R&D and sales.
    ・Main products・・・ Optical sensors, emitters/receivers in general.
  AUK corporation:
    ・Business description・・・Development and sales of non-memory semiconductors.
    ・Main products・・・IC、Transistors、Diodes、LED
  Knowledge*on Co., Ltd:
    ・Business description・・・Development and production of compound semiconductors.
    ・Main products・・・LED Chip

  Company name after merger:AUK corporation

2. Effective Date
   July 1st, 2010

3. Additional information
   Due to the merger, the rights and obligations of the three companies will be succeeded by AUK Corporation.  

   AUK Corporation URL:http://www.kodenshiauk.com

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