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NEW development of Micro Vacuum gauge

Kindly please be informed the NEW development "Micro Vacuum gauge,"
which realizes to measure the level of vacuum intensity of ultra small spaces
with our own MEMS processing technologies.
This development is based on the collaborations with 'Ritsumeikan University'
through Japan Science and Technology Agency's Promoting Science and Technology
Diplomacy, International Joint Research.



Ultra small packages (CHIP size 0.8mm*0.8mm)

Simple measurement circuit 

Possible to measure low pressure areas



Reliability evaluations of the vacuum devices

Pressure measurement in ultra small spaces

Replacement from micro vacuum gauge currently used


Kindly please see attached Development Guide Sheet.

Should you have any queries, we will consider customized packages
 and dimensions.

If needed, we also can provide bare CHIP itself. 


Contact below with this regards;


Kodenshi with visual images

Environmental Policy

RoHS directive compliance

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