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IrDA MODULE "KOI-6002" "KOI-6102"


thumb2_11_0.jpgKODENSHI CORP. (head office : UJI CITY, KYOTO, JAPAN President : Hirokazu Nakajima) an industry leader, now offers KOI-6002 and KOI-6102, IrDA module which is practical to communication data between the electreic equipments.
This sensor is strong to high temperature and impact from outside, and makes distance control possible. Because this sensor is more sensitive and causes fixed data communication within in 10m, the use is suitable of POS terminal unit and printer. This is tolerant to reflective lights and external lights.
KODENSHI has alreday had share in Korean market, for the next step, will introduce overseas to Japan, and Korea.
KODENSHI provides KOI-6002(7x2.7x1.6) which is suitable for slim molded products, KOI-6102BS(7.4x2.9x1.8,) with case item, and KOI-6102B which has RC function. (sample price : 300yen) Also, KODENSHI will start products which correspond to FIR (4Mbps) based on IrDA Ver1.4LowPower in April, 2007. 

(Tokyo) tel:03-5496-4711
(Kyoto) tel:0774-20-3702




KODENSHI CORP. (head office : UJI CITY, KYOTO, JAPAN President : Hirokazu Nakajima) an industry leader, now develops "ORA1S01" Infrared Range Finding Sensor which consists of triangulation system used LED and PSD. (sample unit cost : 1,000yen)
This is analogue voltage output type sensor which depend on distance to the objects until in 18cm and is more sensitive in 2cm. Because of triangulation system, this sensor is not influenced by the reflection of the materials and can depend on distance exactly.
Drive circuit of LED and PSD signal processing circuit are built in and power supply connects powet supply terminal and ground terminal so that analogue voltage output is provided which depend on distance of the objects.
This sensor is suitable for use of obstacle inspections of robots, approach inspection or hygienic non contact of the person.
In future, KODENSHI will increase this kind of products, digital output type which shifts high/low and longer range findings sensor as used for all needs. This sensor will be mass producted in June. (10 million pcs per month) 


(Tokyo) tel:03-5496-4711
(Kyoto) tel: 0774-20-3702

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