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KODENSHI CORP. (head office : UJI CITY, KYOTO, JAPAN President : Hirokazu Nakajima) an industry leader in PHOTO-SENSOR WORLD, now offers KM1102, CMOS high resolving power 16 interpolations LSI for ENCODER. KM1102 has outputs digital 64edges form 2-phase analogue input signals. This LSI inputs sine and cosine signals from an analogue encoder and divides the voltage by inserting the unique size of polio-silicon resistors between 2-nodes and compensated the amplitude and comparing to the reference. Then output feeds into the logic circuit to create the digital output, proportioning with the input phase change. This parts can be used for magnetic, laser, encoder and so on. KM1102 has three types of resolving power and two types of packages This product will be mass-produced in spring, 2006. 

(Tokyo) tel:03-5496-4711
(Kyoto) tel:0774-20-3702

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