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  syodo.jpg  KODENSHI CORP. an industry leader in PHOTO-SENSOR WORLD,now offers  "DAYLIGHT SENSOR (Ambient Light Photo Transistor) PT337P11 、PT337P11A and PT337P11FA". PT337P11, PT337P11A and PT337P11FA are  the goods for replacement of CdS cell . These new products has turned to the same top-view package and has the same lead-pitch as CdS cell.These are the photo-transistor which built in the optical filter,and the spectral sensitivity is the similar to human's eye sensitivity characteristics. These has excellent  output linearity  and are making device suitable for ON/OFF switching functions for Lighting equipments、Clock、Display-backlighting control and other applications.

Electro-optical characteristics

  Conditions PT337P11 PT337P11A PT337P11FA
Vceo Ice=100μA 10V/max.
Iceo Vce=5V 10nA/typ. 500nA/max.
λ   400nm~700nm
λp   560nm
IL Vce=5V,10Lx 60μA/typ. 30μA/typ.
Light current ratio IL(A)/IL(B) 1.3/typ. 1.1/typ.
IL(IL)/IL(FL) 2.0/typ. 1.7/typ.
△θ   -  ±50deg./typ.
Ev   1~500Lx 1~1000Lx
Lead-pin pitch   2.54mm 3.4mm

( A: CIE standard A light IL: Incandescent light FL: Fluorescent light )
Click the parts-number, and you can check the introduction sheet.


Target Markets and Applications

 ON/OFF switching functions by Daylight level

  • Replacement of CdS-cell
  • Switching for home lighting equipments
  • AE function of CAMERA
  • Control display backlighting
  • > LCD and CRT display

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