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Keihanna business Messe

Thank you very much for always having particular favor.
KODENSHI  exhibits in Keihanna business Messe held in 26,27 in October.

Exhibition epitome:
Name: The twelfth Keihanna business Messe 
session: Thursday, October 26, 2017 from 13:00 to 17:00
        Friday, October 27 from 10:00 to 17:00
A meeting place: Keihanna plaza alternating current ridge
   Event hole 1, foyer, atrium lobby 
            〒 619-0237 1-7, Hikaridai, Seika-cho, Soraku-gun,  Kyoto 
admission: Free of charge
Sponsorship: Kansai Cultural and Academic Research City promotion device

An operation site:

Free shuttle bus, free parking lot existence

Wait for the arrival of all of you


We appreciate your continual patronage and thank you for your business.
Please kindly be informed that we participate in CEATEC JAPAN
 2017 at Makuhari Messe, Chiba on 3 October, 2017 and display our products under development and new products.
We promise our products should be useful for your development.
We hope to you see you at our booth of 5D041.



KODENSHI participates in Kyoto opening accelerator (the following, this program).

For the purpose of this program utilizing the resource of the enterprise based in Kyoto by a new business creation support project by the open innovation that Development Bank of Japan and Creww hold, and creating the new business with the start up enterprise, start from September 17, 2017.

Original sensor technology recruits start up enterprise creating business contributing to smart social realization with us.

Entry term: Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - Friday, October 6, 2017
Exclusive Web page

Program epitome:
Participant companies: Four Kyoto enterprises
Kyoto research park (following KRP) KODENSHI, Nissen,Hatena

The sponsorship : The Development Bank of Japan  Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto city, Kyoto industry 21.  Advanced Science, Technology & Management Research Institute (ASTEM) KRP, CREWW


Our product was introduced by transistor technology October issue

Our product was introduced in transistor technology October issue of the release on September 8.

Have you introduce during the article of "the collection of sensor application circuit from the 145th page which is helpful in a new laboratory".

KRP WEEK Technical seminar

Our Yoshida goes on the platform for E2 techniqunical seminar held in KRP on August 1.

E2 technical seminar
"Battle front - IT infrastructure, pictorial image sensing security ~ of the IoT technology supporting the global era"

I introduce a pictorial image sensing example titled an example introduction 2 "high-speed C-MOS camera and application example".

A time-of-day: A Tuesday, August 1, 2017 from 13:30 to 16:00 
place: KRP east district Building No. 1 the fourth floor AV meeting room entrance fee: Free of charge
Apply for the application than the exclusive URL of the KRP-like Web site.


It is programed KRP Week 2017 held in 7/31 - 8/6.
About KRP WEEK from this

Japan Electronics Implementation Society "Kansai workshop 2017"

Our Yoshida participates in a poster session to Kansai workshop 2017 which a general corporate judicial person electronics implementation society holds.

 Time-of-day: A place held on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 18:00 on - Thursday, July 13 at 17:00: 
Place: Panasonic resort Osaka 10-1, Aobaokaminami, Suita-shi, Osaka

Please refer to the following for the held guidance of the Japanese electronics implementation society.

(A prior application is necessary.)

exhibits to "sensor /IoT technology exhibition 2017"

kodenshi exhibits to "sensor /IoT technology exhibition 2017" that Osaka industry creation building hosts.

time-of-day: A place held on Wednesday, June 14, 2017 for from 10:30 to 17:00: Osaka industry creation building 3F, 4F ※The receptionist is 4F


I wait for much arrival.

published in NEWSWEEK

Our chairperson interview was published in NEWSWEEK US Edition (VOL.168/No .19) of the release on May 26, 2017

Our chairperson comments in japan industria features of SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION.

It was published the Nihon Keizai NEWSPAPER in "to the world from the area"

The column of the publication had "to the world from the area" take us away to seven Nihon Keizai Shimbun morning editions of the issuance on May 15, 2017.

Article of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun electronic edition

Kodenshi with visual images

Environmental Policy

RoHS directive compliance

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