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Privacy policy

  • 1. Basic policy

    KODENSHI CORP. (referred to as “us” as follows) recognizes the importance of personal information and regards it as a social responsibility to protect personal information. We observe the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” (referred to as the “Personal Information Protection Law” as follows) and our company’s regulations, and we will make efforts to manage and use personal information (newly acquired or already taken) appropriately.

  • 2. Coverage

    This privacy policy details the procedure that we observe when we handle personal information, such as name of customer/company/group/department, e-mail address, telephone number, or equivalent information, in the various business activities that we perform.

  • 3. The acquisition of personal information and its purpose

    We use personal information only for the following purposes:

    1. 1) Proposal of our products, information about them (including new products), and paperwork/accounting procedure for them.
    2. 2) Investigation or questionnaire surveys intended to measure planning and development of the new product or service improvement for the customer.
    3. 3) Responses to various inquiries.
  • 4. Provision to a third party

    We do not offer personal information to a third party except in the following cases:

    1. 1) When we obtain the consent of the person concerned in advance.
    2. 2) When we provide to the business partners, such as outsourcing contractors and agencies that we supervise appropriately, for the achievement of the purpose.
    3. 3) Shared use within our group companies.
    4. 4) When it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person concerned, and it is necessary for protection of human life, a body, or the property.
    5. 5) When proposal is required by judicial branch or governmental agency, based on laws and ordinances.
    6. 6) When we provide personal information due to merger, company split-up or transfer of operations, etc.
  • 5. Disclosure, correction, suspension of personal information

    Please contact the following reception window in regard to disclosure, correction, and suspension. We will guide you through a concrete process on an individual basis. In case of inquiry, we may need to confirm if you are the person concerned or the authorized representative. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.
    Please contact the public relations department for any inquiries.

  • 6. Revision history

    April 1, 2007
    Establishment of Privacy policy
    January 15, 2018
    Last Revised

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